Achieving The Best Price

Achieving the best possible selling price for your home

1. Move at your own pace

Selling a home is a big deal so we don’t rush our market appraisal meetings. If you need us to go through the whole process, we will do just that and take the time to explain each step-in detail. There is no such thing as a silly question.

2. Setting a realistic but high selling price

From our experience selling homes, coupled with our industry knowledge, we discuss your desired price and arrive at a marketing figure suited to where your property sits in the market. We do our research and look closely at portal pricing to achieve the highest levels of interest. Pricing to high can put potential buyers off and can lead to selling at a lower price than if the house was realistically priced from the start. The highest prices are always achieved within the first thirty days of marketing.

3. Free professional photography

Our trained professionals take the time to style and set up for taking photographs of your home. We achieve magazine quality shots, making your property stand out. We even take elevated drone shots as well as images at dusk where possible to showcase the best angles and light to appeal to buyers.

4. Marketing with well-known property sites

We advertise on all major property portals and optimise our adverts to encourage a higher number of detailed views from prospective buyers, this leads to more viewings and offers. We tailor our marketing approach for each individual property and use the feedback from the property portals to engage more with our target audience and maintain a high clickthrough rate.

5. Maximum display

Your property will be displayed in our office window as well as being available to view through all of our digital platforms including our social media and our website.

6. Keep locals in the know

With your permission, we let your locals know you’re selling. It’s surprising the number of people who know someone looking to live in their own neighbourhood so it’s always a good avenue to explore.

7. Marketing to our buyer’s database

We know who is looking and ready to buy in the area; both locally and nationally which helps with a quick sell. We also have a large network of clients who are moving from the city to the suburbs and surrounding areas.

8. Pre-marketing property visits

The key members of Aaron Holmes make every effort to try and visit properties before marketing commences to ensure we are ready to start promoting!

9. We accompany 100% of viewers

We send the very best agents to accompany buyers when viewing your home and we guarantee next day feedback from all viewers. Our agents are experienced and trained to deal with offers and negotiate very hard to achieve the best possible price.

10. Help with your onward purchase

We can save you money on your onward property purchase by handling the process of making offers on your behalf - this could save you thousands of pounds.

11. Our commitment to selling your home

We don’t set unrealistically high sales targets for our staff to achieve, allowing them time to be dedicated in providing all the information potential buyers need to make a purchase decision.

12. Re-investment

We’re constantly evolving as a company and re-investing our time and money to develop the very best team and to spark new ideas for presenting our properties. We’re always ahead of our competitors, which benefits our sellers.

13. Never miss an enquiry

As part of our service, our telephones are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That buyer calling to view your home at 10pm on a Sunday night won’t slip through our net! 

If you want the very best, we are here to serve you. Call us today for expert property advice.